Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Scents and Sensibility: Lush

One of the things that people most associate with Lush is the smell that emanates from the store. Many people find this off-putting, personally I love it! It promises of treats just around the corner as you can often smell the store before you see it!

In my opinion this smell is as a result of the placement of the bathbombs so close to the door in each store as they are quite scented and can be overwhelming. Personally as I am not a bath person I generally tend to dash past them to the goodies further back in the store.

Initially when I went to Lush it was the face masks and skin care that I was interested in. Over time and with the guidance of the very enthusiastic staff there I have become more adventurous and one of my best finds as a shower lover has been their range of emotibombs. These are essentially bath ballistics for the shower as the kind people at Lush realise that not everyone has a bath in their home anymore and, also, that showers help conserve water.

The idea behind an emotibomb is that you drop it into the base of your shower and as the water hits it it dissolves releasing the scent of the essential oils it contains and you feel the benefit of it by inhaling the steam. Currently they have three emotibombs in store: Sex in the Shower, Too Drunk, and Up You Gets. As you can probably tell from the names each one releases particular scents that are aimed at either making you feel slightly more amorous (perhaps a shower for two?), helping with a dreaded hangover or just plain waking you up when you need an extra boost.

Personally I find that emotibombs aren't exactly cheap but in my opinion they are worth what you pay for them. For one thing if you have a cubicle shower and can contain the steam then you have the option of breaking them into two pieces and making them go twice as far. I like to use them after a tough day when I literally just have the energy to get to the shower, toss an emotibomb in the bottom (away from the heavy flow of water is best), put the water on full blast and stand under it for ages. I think the fact that they are a little extravagant (without breaking the bank) helps ease the tension and it's great to keep them as a treat! In fact, I think that's just what the doctor has ordered for tonight!

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