Monday, January 18, 2010


So many of my friends have blogs at this stage I've been starting to feel left out... And they have all chosen to write on things dear to their heart...

Like Kate writing about her beautiful family;
And Siobhan and her amazing outlook on the world that just hits the spot so well;
Or 6th who gathers together lots of weird and wonderful stuff for our enjoyment;
And of course, Michelle, who blogs (infrequently) about topics very close to her heart(?) - mainly sex related!

I've had a personal blog for a while now but chosen not to make it public so far... But today, when sorting through some bits and bobs, I had a brainwave (they don't happen too often!) - I could blog about beauty! I am OBSESSED with Lush and have quite a collection of Soap and Glory products. In fact, this brainwave came about when I was sorting my most recent Lush haul!! So it seemed obvious that a blog would give me an avenue to share what I know with some of you...

I'm hoping you'll enjoy it!!

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