Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Review: Lemony Flutter

Lemony Flutter is one of my staple items from Lush that I couldn't imagine being without!! It's a cuticle cream according to the packaging but in reality I have found that it is so much more!!

Basically it is a very rich cream which I have found a variety of uses for. It's lemon scented (which I love!) so if you don't like that smell, you're out of luck! It comes in a relatively small tub and initially I wasn't sure it was good value at all but you use so little of it at a time that it really is worth the initial expense! I'd definitely recommend asking for a sample of this instore just so you could see how far a little goes.

Obviously I've used it as a cuticle cream, but I've also found that it is amazing on really dry skin (such as on your elbows), works wonders on cuts and relatively recent scars to heal them up leaving little or no mark in some cases, and when used with ocean scrub and hand cream makes for a great pampering session for your hands!

Pampering session for hands:

For this you need Lemony Flutter, Ocean Salt Scrub and a handcream (I use Smitten)

Take a small amount of Lemony Flutter and spread it all over your hands, rubbing it in well. Take a small amount of Ocean Salt Scrub and rub it into your hands well to exfoliate them. Rinse your hands in warm water and remove any residue left. Then dry off and apply hand cream.

When I do this I find my hands feel great for a good few days afterwards. It's quite relaxing too and only takes about 3 minutes even taking your time at it!!

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