Monday, January 18, 2010

Items I have that I haven't used

Now, before you think I am completely insane most of the following list is from recent Lush 'hauls' - as in from 2 trips to the store and one online order ( the last 3 weeks. One of those store trips was yesterday and I only got my online order yesterday too so that really boosted the list! Anything marked with * is from these recent hauls!

Ice Blue*
Father Frost (Christmas)*
Angels delight (Christmas)*

Solid Fragrance:
Olive Branch*
Snow Fairy (Christmas)*

Temple Balms:

Sugar Scrubs:
Fairy Tail (Christmas)

As I only have one of these and they can no longer be purchased I am saving it for a special occasion!

Body Butters:
You Snap the Whip*
Snuggle (retro)

Snuggle is under the massage bar section on the site so technically I have used it - just not properly! It's shaped like a body butter and on the American site is in that section so I will be giving it another try!

Dusting Powders:
Vanilla puff Powder
Silky Underwear*
Candy Fluff*

I was wary of wasting and making a mess with the dusting powders as I am known for being a klutz... A powder puff was located and purchased in the last 3 weeks so I shall be using that and getting stuck into the dusting powders as soon as possible! Given that Candy Fluff has glitter in it though I shall be looking for a special occasion to wear that one!! :)

Massage Bars:
Business Time
Cosmic Dream catcher
Each Peach (and twos a pair)*
Ego (retro)
Bewitched (retro)
Sore Labours (retro)

I have no one to massage me! :(

Now that I have the dusting powder I might be more inclined to use these to moisturise however as the powder should reduce the oily film left on my skin.

Fresh farmacy cleanser*

I'm probably going to hold off on using this for a while as I also purchased Angels on Bare Skin and am giving that a try first... Hoping to do a review on Angels before too long!

Shower stuff (random mix):
Happy Hippy Shower Gel*
Jungle conditioner (sample)*

Vanilla Dee-Lite body lotion*
Vanilla Fountain*
Vanillary fragrance*

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