Friday, January 22, 2010

My pampering night

Work is really hectic at the moment and I've had more 12 hour days than I care to remember since Christmas despite having had a crippling chest infection... Added to that my beloved was hacked today and as a result I had no excuse to sit at the laptop tonight! (We know all the lovely people at Boards HQ will sort it as soon as they can though!) So, as so many of my fellow Boardsies asked the people of Twitter today "What can I do when Boards is down?" (Internet obsessed?? Us?? Never!!) The answer for me was simple - a pampering night and a blog post!! It's all in the name of research my lovelies!! Hope ye appreciate it!!

We have air-conditioning in the office in work. For some reason it never seems to work the way we want it to but it still manages to dry my skin out something dreadful! So first stop this evening was to deal with the fact that the skin on my face needed some tlc!

I started with a facemask made up of two Lush products: Angels on Bare Skin and Ocean salt. This both cleansed and exfoliated my face. Then after washing that off I did a 10 minute Fab Pore treatment from Soap & Glory. I followed this up with some Bright Here Bright Now™ from Soap & Glory. It was my first time to use it and I have to say it felt quite nice on my skin. Not so sure about the brightening claims though as I didn't really give it a chance. I'll have to give it another try!

Following this I hopped into the shower with the intentions of fully pampering myself from head to toe!! Or was it the other way around?!?

I started by doing the pampering treat with Lemony Flutter and Ocean Salt on my feet while standing in the shower. Not a plan I had fully thought through! If you missed getting to an ice skating rink this winter, try this! I slipped all over the place as I tried to slather both feet in Lemony Flutter at the one time and then scrub them with Ocean Salt. I somehow mananged to do this without maiming myself, which I was pretty impressed at given I'm not known for good balance at the best of times!!

I then washed my hair with the amazing smelling Godiva solid shampoo bar from Lush and followed this up with a Wella System Professional hair mask as this needed to be left in for 10 minutes which gave me time to use lots of other products!

I started with one of the mini Sugar Scrubs and used this on the areas that could handle a more abrasive scrub. I had divided it into two in advance and still only needed to use half of it. I'm very careful where I use this particular product as I have very dry skin that is easily damaged and it has in the past left scratches on me! :( For the areas that needed something a bit more gentle I used 1/4 of a Sugar Babe scrub. Have to say I really love the smell of this! It's just a pity that they can't get a happy medium between the two scrubs for how quickly they dissolve. I then used You Snap The Whip body butter for the first time. It smells amazing and really comforting but melts a lot quicker than the other body butters I have used. It also turned the water a really horrible grey colour when I was washing it off.

I had used Snow Showers shower jelly a few times and hadn't been overly impressed with it. It didn't seem to later much and it made me wonder if it was actually cleaning me at all. I discovered a tip somewhere recently that suggested putting on exfoliating gloves and placing a small amount of the shower jelly on your palm INSIDE the gloves, rubbing your hands together and lathering it up that way. I gave this a try and it did seem to work but I used a bit too much of the jelly so I still have a lump left in each glove for the next time!

When I had finally gotten around to rinsing out my hair and getting out of the shower I covered my feet in Heel Genius™ foot cream and slipped them into some cotton moisturising socks before covering my body in The Righteous Butter™ Body Butter and my face in Catch A Wrinkle In Time Age Avoiding Day Moisturiser. To finish it all off I sprayed Girligo™ Body Moisturising Mist all over me and used some Endless Glove™ Dry Hand Cream.

So there you go! SIXTEEN products later you have a nicely relaxed and fabulous smelling Girl Friday. High maintenance, moi??!

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