Monday, January 18, 2010

My Lush stuff

Did a clean up of my Lush products today! :) Was very strange (and a little frightening!) seeing it all laid out on my bed!

I am definitely a Lush addict - but I also realised how much I take advantage of their sales and special offers as I had LOADS of stuff that I had gotten for free in grab bags since I got interested in Lush last spring/summer! Unfortunately a lot of this stuff was bath related and although we have a bath in the house it's in the main bathroom which I don't use and to be honest, I'm not a bath fan! So I put a shout out on twitter the other day and got two takers for my bath stuff and went through it today and made up two lovely parcels to give/send to two lovely ladies!! I then sorted all the rest of the stuff and made a list of what I have... Eeek!!

Going to be frightfully honest now and post what I have (not including the stuff that is being given away!)... Have tried to put it in categories where some of the stuff is similar! Some of the things are from the Retro range that is only available online and some of the items were seasonal things so have marked these after them in case anyone wants to go looking for them on the site!

Ice Blue*
Father Frost (Christmas)*
Angels delight (Christmas)*

Solid Fragrance:

Olive Branch*
Snow Fairy (Christmas)*

Temple Balms:
Flying Fox

Up You gets
Too Drunk (to F***)*

Sugar Scrubs:
Sugar Scrub*
Sugar Babe*
Fairy Tail (Christmas)

Fresh Face Mask:

BB Seaweed

Body Butters:
You Snap the Whip
Aqua Mirabilis
Running to the Embassy
Snuggle (retro)

Dusting Powders:
Vanilla puff Powder
Silky Underwear
Candy Fluff*

Massage Bars:
Business Time
Cosmic Dream catcher
Shimmy shimmy sparkle bar
Each Peach (and twos a pair)*
Ego (retro)
Bewitched (retro)
Sore Labours (retro)

Fresh farmacy cleanser
Angels on Bare Skin cleanser
Ultrabland cleanser

Foot and Hand:
Fair trade Foot lotion
Volcano foot mask
Lemony Flutter cuticle cream
Smitten Handcream

Shower stuff (random mix):

Ocean salt face and body scrub
Godiva Shampoo bar
Happy Hippy Shower Gel*
Jungle conditioner (sample)*
Snow Showers shower jelly (Christmas)*


Eau Roma Toner Water
Vitamin E toner tabs
Vanilla Dee-Lite body lotion
Vanilla Fountain
Vanillary fragrance

Anything marked with * is something I got free somewhere along the line... Lush are awesome for free gifts and often throw in samples for you when you are purchasing instore. I was disappointed that they don't send samples with stuff ordered online but saw recently on the forum (on the site that if you ask them to in the comments box when ordering they will so will try this in future!

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