Monday, January 18, 2010

My other obsession

Few people will know this unless they have been in my bathroom but it is not just Lush I am obsessed with! I also have a considerable collection of Soap & Glory products as a result of having lived with a girl who was obsessed with the stuff and got me hooked! (A plus you never think of about living in houseshares!)

This obsession is one that my family picked up on in the run up to Christmas as they have decided that I am impossible to buy for so were delighted to resort to this reliable! The result was that I ended up with stuff I had never considered trying.

My sister got me a beautiful Plane Jane travel and beauty bag. Even if I hated the products (which I don't!) the bag itself is AMAZING! Love it to bits!!

This came with:
- The Righteous Butter™ Body Butter
- Clean On Me™ Shower Gel
- Hand Food™ Hand Cream
- Hair Supply™ Hair Mask
- Flake Away™ Body Buff
- Girligo™ Fragrant Body Spray
And a bonus blow-up Neck Pillow - for those long flights of course!

Out of this I had already been using the Girligo body spray and was loving it so a back up is always handy to have. I have since used the Flake Away body buff which I would definitely recommend and the hair mask which I am not so sure about. I'm very fussy about my hair stuff but will try this again before I rule it out!

My mum and dad got me some of the full sized products:
- Scrub 'Em and Leave 'Em
- Glow Lotion
- Scrub of Your Life

Out of these I had previously used Glow Lotion. I am naturally pale and just don't see the point of fake tan as even in sun I don't go anything other than pink! However, there are times when legs, arms or other areas of my milky white skin will be on show and I try not to blind people with the glare of my whiteness. This product is perfect for that!! A small bit of shimmer and a fab fragrance - what more does a girl need to get ready for a big night out!!

And finally, in the Boots sale I stumbled on a rare Soap & Glory bargain and managed to nab myself a Big Softie gift set! I wanted to get this for the bag rather than for the products if I am being honest but it was an awesome bargain at only €19.50!!

This came with:
- The Righteous Butter™ body butter
- Hand Food™ hand cream
- Flake Away™ body buff
- Heel Genius™ foot smoothing cream
- A pair of exfoliating Scrub Gloves

As you can see there was some overlap in the products but don't worry! The two amazing bags I got are keeping me nicely organised so I'm slowly working my way through it all!

The one warning I will give to people is to smell the Soap & Glory products before making any major purchases. They all have pretty much the same scent or a variation on it and if you don't like it, you're going to be wasting your money! None of us need that!! Luckily I love the scent and as I often only wear the body sprays for scent find that the products compliment each other beautifully!

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