Monday, January 18, 2010

Lush on Youtube

Part of what prompted this blog was the fact that I recently purchased Angels on Bare Skin and wasn't sure what to do with it as I had forgotten to ask in the shop! One of the joys of being such a regular in my local Lush store is that the staff there no longer bombard me with offers of help. Unfortunately this also means I sometimes miss out on the demos that everyone else seems to get if they so much as glance at a product!

Anyway, off to the website I trotted to find that the overhaul there has seen many of the demo videos vanish, so I searched Youtube instead. What an eye opener!! There are about a gazillion Lush videos on there uploaded by various Lushies worldwide... You can find everything from demos, to reviews, to people just coming home from the shops and putting up videos showing the products they got (their 'haul') and giving their opinions on them - often without having tried them!

If you want to check some of these out try: juicystar07, AllThatGlitters21, or SayAnythingBr00ke


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