Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Storage: Lush

I've been doing a big clean out on my stuff over the last few days. Those of you who know me well will know that I am a hoarder and collector! It's a habit I am trying to break - and failing miserably at when it comes to beauty stuff!! However, I am getting more organised!! So thats a start - right?? The idea is that I will now know exactly what I have and that way won't be duplicating on stuff and having three of the same thing open at the one time! Something I can't really afford to do given that I have what estate agents would probably term a 'compact' ensuite!

The first thing I sorted was my Lush stuff. This was made pretty easy by the storage options provided to me my Lush itself! Firstly, I bought It's A Wrap which is found in the gift section of the website. This simply hangs on a hook on my ensuite door and pretty much everything in it is immediately visible. Initially I had all my massage bars, body butters and so on stored in here but decided (sensibly!) to now use it for stuff that I use on a regular basis. It currently holds items such as: Lemony Flutter, Angels on Bare Skin, Volcano, Ocean Salt, Eau Roma toner, Ultrabland and some spare tins that I have.

It's A Wrap actually came with one each of the massage bar, body butter and shampoo tins which was great! I have also taken great advantage of the fact that if you buy two of any of the above products at one time you get a free tin. As a result I have plenty of tins for using for various items.

Out of these I have to admit I find the body butter tin the most useful. It's a lovely size and fits everything from body butter, to sugar scrubs, to soap samples... The shampoo bar tin is really only useful for the shampoos and they can be quite a snug fit for it. I tend to leave my used shampoo bar in the lid of the tin until it dries as that way I don't run the risk of it sticking in the tin! One downfall to the massage bar tin is that its unusual shape doesn't even accommodate all of the massage bars. For example if you were to buy Strawberry Feels Forever and Mange Too you'd get this tin free and it wouldn't accommodate either massage bar... Seems a bit pointless to me to be honest.

Anyway... The body butters, sugar scrubs and shampoo that I use most are left in the shower in their respective tins. I have three different storage racks in my shower. Two are out of the reach of the water so that the things on them are protected yet on hand. The other hangs directly under the shower head and on this I have closed in bottles that can withstand water.
Finally, items that I don't use regularly are stored on a shelf in my ensuite in one of Lush's fabulous canvas bags. Have to say this is amazing quality and although it seemed a little expensive at the time given how much it holds and how sturdy it is I feel it is well worth it!
You can't really see from the picture but there is a little pouch on the outside of the bag which I use for my solid perfumes, temple balms and small samples that I feel could get lost in the main compartment. I then have one of the small boxes that I got a Lush online order delivered in placed in the bottom of the main compartment. Using ziplock bags I have organised my massage bars, spare body butters, soaps and so on into groups that are easy to place my hands on when needed. I also have another box in which I have my dusting powders (when did it stop being talc by the way?), shower gels and other similar items. All I need to do now when I'm looking for a particular item in this case is check the top box and if the item I want is not there I can lift it out to see what is in the layer below. I have to say there is something very satisfying about things being found so easily!
So, that is my (somewhat excessive) Lush stash organised and I am loving it!!

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