Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Storage: Soap & Glory

As you may have read in my post 'Storage: Lush' I have been trying to organise all of my beauty stuff. Have to say my Soap & Glory stuff was much easier to organise than my Lush stuff as there is simply less of it!!

Most of my Soap & Glory products are stored in the bag that I got as part of the Big Softie gift set.

This bag has small compartments around the side and masses of room to hold everything. The only items I don't have in there are the things that I use in the shower on a regular basis. The fact that the bag is so distinctive looking means there isn't a fear that I will forget about what is in it and by limiting myself to this as my Soap & Glory container means I am also controlling how much I can buy to a certain extent! Win/Win!

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