Saturday, February 20, 2010

Lush: Customer Service

I have had two recent experiences of Lush customer service that I wanted to share with you. The first was in relation to an order I received from Lush mail order and the second is in relation to the staff in my local store.

I regularly order from (about eight orders placed and received so far) and my orders have always been perfect. I know from reading the Lush International Forum that others have different experiences though and knew I was jinxing myself when I posted in a thread there that I had been so lucky with my deliveries. The very next order I received an item had leaked in it. My beloved Mint Julips lip scrub!!

Luckily the lip scrub was contained in its own little bag so it had just leaked into that but unfortunately approximately a third of the scrub was gone. I was also a bit uncertain about the colour as it seemed different to the one I had seen in the store. So, I decided to let Customer Service know... I got a really prompt response back and they immediately offered to send me another one! Happy days!! I didn't have to return the other one and they reassured me that the colour difference was probably just due to it being from a different batch so now I have enough to keep me going for ages! When placing the original order I had requested particular samples so I also got seconds of these which was particularly awesome as one of these was their Gorgeous moisturiser!

My second experience of how awesome the Lush staff are relates to my local Lush store - the one at the bottom of Grafton Street in Dublin. On Friday I came in from work exhausted and basically browned off with a few things. While trying to decide what to have for dinner I logged in to facebook... Only to discover that my Lush had managed to get the very limited edition, much coveted Butterball shower gel in!!

Terrified that I would miss out I quickly checked the opening times they had posted on the Facebook page, summoned up some energy, wrapped up warm and ran out to get a bus to town... Only to discover when I got there that the shop was closed and the staff were inside mopping the floor... The times on the facebook page were incorrect!! So I logged on to Facebook on my mobile and just replied to their comment that I had come in and the store was closed and that I was disappointed. Only to get a response within a few minutes to say they were sorry and that they would hold a bottle for me!! How awesome is that!!??!!

So tomorrow I shall venture into town again and pick up my new shower gel and knowing me I'll grab a few other bits too... All in the name of research!

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