Monday, February 8, 2010

Lush Haul: 8th February 2010

There was a Pre-Valentines event in my local Lush tonight. I've been looking forward to it since I heard about it through their Facebook page.

There was 10% off everything and if you spent more than €25 after discount you got a grab bag! So I was cheeky and bought two lots of just over €28 each (total: €57.37)... And got two grab bags!!! One bath one and one shower one!!

Stuff I bought:
Demon in the dark Soap
Sexy Peel Soap
13 Unlucky For Dirt soap - gift for my mum as it is rumoured to kill MRSA.
3 bath ballistics - gifts for various people
The Olive Branch shower gel 250g
Rehab shampoo 250g
Coolaulin conditioner 250g

Stuff I got free:
Pillar of Fizz container - for buying three ballistics
Mange too (two halves - one in each grab bag)
2 samples of Lemony flutter
2 pieces of Angels Delight Soap
2 pieces of You Wash My Back Soap
Too drunk emotibomb
Ma Bar bubble bar
Snow fairy Solid perfume
The Comforter solid perfume
Honey I Washed the Kids solid perfume (swopped with a friend for a sugar scrub! I win that one!!)

Checking on the website this would total approximately: £39stg - at todays exchange rate that is about €44.67!! I think I did really well!!

Also managed to get a free facial, some glasses of orange juice (no wine as I was driving) and some hints on new upcoming products including getting to sample one that not even some of the staff had seen!! The joys of them knowing me!! Overall it was a great night!! Can't wait for the next one!!

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