Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Retro Delivery Received: 22nd February 2010

My Mail Order delivery from Lush.co.uk arrived today! I got it delivered to the office as I knew I wouldn't be home to sign for it and it was being brought by courier so it was lovely to arrive back after a meeting this morning to find it there!

(Pic of the actual order - I'm getting better at this technology lark!)

This was the order of Retro items containing:
  • Fizzy O'Therapy bath ballistic
  • Lemon Days & Ginger Beer ballistic
  • After 8:30 Massage Bar
  • Sore Labours Massage Bar
  • free Massage Bar Tin
  • Happy 4 Sad Shower Gel
  • Chai Shower Gel
  • Back for Breakfast Shower Gel
  • Mud Flats Soap
Out of the shower gels so far Chai is my least favourite which wasn't what I expected. I am loving the smell of the other two but haven't had a chance to use them yet. One problem I have with retro bottled items is that they only come in the large size (500g). This is a bit awkward for in the shower, especially as I already have a few Lush shower gels in there that I like to switch between.

I haven't taken the massage bars out of the wrappers but I can already smell how yummy After 8:30 is - really mint chocolatey! I'm almost afraid that if I open it, I'll want to eat it!!

I had also asked for samples and the ones I got were: Potion Lotion (Retro), Temptation soap (Retro), HIWTK soap, Sea Vegetable soap and Quinquereme Of Nineveh soap (Retro).

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