Friday, March 5, 2010

Lush: Robots have invaded!

One of my friends on twitter asked me when I last posted there about my blog if there would be a post about killer robots soon... And I know he was being smart but knowing that this new product was in the pipeline I responded 'yes, if by killer you mean awesome!'... So here it is!!

The latest of the 'ickle' bath ballistics has arrived!! The Ickle Bot Ballistic has literally gone on the Lush website in the last hour so it really is new!! This awesome ickle ballistic joins the already very popular Ickle Baby Devil and Ickle Baby Angel ballistics. Although (unfortunately) rumours are already saying that the arrival of the Bot may be paving way for the disconuation of the Devil and Angel forms.

All three of the Ickle ballistics are made with chamomile, lavender and sandalwood essential oils so are designed especially with the purpose of calming and are ideal for a hyper child's pre-bedtime bath!! Both Angel and Devil weigh in at 50g (costing £1.40 on and the Bot weighs in at 65g (£1.75).

Personally I think the Angel and Devil are a lovely gift for little girls in particular (due to the pink and purple colours) and the addition of the Bot (in green) now gives boys a chance to get in on the action!!

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