Friday, March 26, 2010

My essentials

Due to Puppy having had an operation last week I have found myself down at my parents house for probably the longest time since I moved out almost ten years ago. It's a very strange experience to say the least! I don't visit here too often (and when I do it tends to just be for an overnight visit) so I don't have anything more than the very, very basics of deodourant, toothbrush and toothpaste stored here. Due to the fact that I was travelling in a Yaris with an ill dog, all her acessories (beds, blankets, food, treats, crate etc), a large amount of clothes and a boot that I hadn't managed to clear out for a number of reasons I had to be pretty selective in what toiletries I brought with me - bringing my entire stash was not an option! This forced me to examine what my essentials, rather than wants, were!

The items I deemed absolutely necessary for my 10 night stay were:
Lush Products:
  • Rehab shampoo
  • Coolaulin conditioner
  • American Cream conditioner
  • Flying Fox shower gel
  • Olive Branch shower gel
  • Ocean Salt
  • Lemony Flutter
  • Ultrabland cleanser
  • Eau Roma toner water
  • BB Seaweed & A Crashcourse in Skincare fresh facemasks (they would have gone off otherwise!)
  • A small tub of Angels on Bare Skin mixed with Ocean Salt
Soap & Glory products:
  • Catch A Wrinkle In Time Age Avoiding Day Moisturiser
  • Some Like It Hot Body Softening Thermal Scrub

I also had a Lush Mail Order delivery coming to my parents house which contained mainly bath stuff as gifts for others, but also my Full of Grace face serum bar which I had really been looking forward to trying and has far exceeded my expectations! A review will follow!!

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