Monday, March 8, 2010

Lush: Spring Fling 06/03/2010

My Lush store on Grafton Street had a 'Spring Fling' event on Saturday for the entire day. There was a 10% discount on purchases before 2pm, free hand massages and facials, and a grab bag with every purchase over €30! They also had some of the new products out, although I was disappointed to find that they aren't expecting the new skin serums in until this week. I'd been hoping to try one as my skin has been very sore and sensitive over the last week or so due to a variety of factors.

Items I purchased:
BB Seaweed fresh facemask
Colour Supplement in Light Pink
2 Ickle Bot ballistics
Turkish Delight Body Polish
Karma Solid Perfume
Sakura Solid Perfume
HIWTK soap

I made two purchases and each qualified for a grab bag. Both bags had the exact same stuff in it! By my calculations each bag was worth approximately €20 and I'd use all the stuff in it so they suited me down to the ground!!

They included:
Heavenly Bodies Butter Cream
American Cream Solid Perfume
Love Soap
Up You Gets emotibomb
Samples of Skin Drink and Vanishing Cream moisturiser

What was particularly cool (in my opinion) was the fact that I had picked up Sakura and American Cream solid perfumes initially but when getting my freebies the sales assistant warned me that there were solid perfumes in some of them, checked my bag, saw it was American Cream and gave me the option to swop for something else!! Yet another example of awesome customer service!!

Also, my friend who was with me opted to get a facial done as she was new to Lush so didn't get to shop until after 2pm (we only arrived at 1:30!) and the sales assistant made sure to give her the 10% discount regardless!! Have to say, my Lush is always an awesome shopping experience!! Well done to all the staff there!!

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