Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Not all beauty and glamour!

Unfortunately my life is not all glamour... Recently I had the lovely experience of a blocked shower drain meaning a shower consisted of running the water for 2 minutes, letting it drain for 5 - all for fear of flooding the place!

I think this was due to a previous tenant having broken the bit you pull out to keep the drain cleared which meant that I couldn't clear it out on a regular basis and my long hair and the residue from the various products I use gradually clogged it! Damn you Lush and your luscious bubbles!! :(

I tried everything I could think of (pouring hot water down it, using a plunger and so on) before I gave in and tried using chemicals... However, in the end the only thing that worked was Mr Muscle Sink and Drain Foamer.

You put this down the drain, the liquid from the two compartments mix in the process and it foams up and all you have to do is leave it to do its magic for two hours. I was sceptical at first but I have to admit, it worked a charm! I think I'll be keeping this in stock from now on! At only €4.33 from Tesco it certainly worked out much cheaper than getting a plumber in!!

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  1. (This piece made me giggle!! :)) That stuff is amazing. For some reason I always ended up in houses that needed the drains unblocked and I tried countless products but this was by far the best (and you didn't have to leave it in for ages unlike a lot of the other products).