Monday, May 10, 2010

Forum Party - Lush

As some of you may be aware Lush have a forum for those registered on the site. The forum attached to the site is called the International Forum for some reason. This is despite the forum being the North America (NA) forum and the forum being the Oz/NZ forum... Not that it really matters anyway!

One of the advantages to the forum is that we 'forumites' are supposed to get previews of upcoming products, the scoop on the discontinued items and so on. In essence it is a place for Lush to keep in contact with those who are most addicted to their products. Recently there has been some grumbling on the forum however as the Facebook page seems to be taking over to a certain extent. Personally I'm all for the information being shared and not too fussed on how it happens!

Another benefit however is that Lush on occasion spoil their forumites by having 'forum parties' where a limited edition/once off product is offered and made up after orders are placed so that only those who order on the day can get their grubby mitts on it! The items can only be ordered by phoning in to mail order between specific times and while this is going on the forum is turned into a party playground with people posting about how difficult it is to get through and the Lush staff running competitions throughout the day.

Lush had a forum party on April 7th to mark the fact that Auntie Pamela was leaving Lush Times and Big Harry was taking over. A number of the forumites weren't too thrilled however as many of the products offered weren't new and had been or would be offered as shop specials. One example being that my adorable friend had phoned me on the Saturday to say that the Cork store were selling Karma (shower) jelly and that she had picked one up for me... Only for it to be offered at the forum party the following Wednesday! Also, I ordered the Aura Suavis shower gel from the Forum party... Only to see it in my local store before my order arrived! Regardless it was lovely to take part in the Forum party: the choosing what I wanted to get, the agony of trying to get through, the stress of making sure I ordered exactly what I wanted and didn't forget anything... it was all part of the experience!!

The products offered were a combination of those made to order and some that had been 'discovered' in the stockroom apparently. You had to get in early to get the items that were already made but all others were going to be made afterwards, meaning that the orders would take a few weeks to arrive.

The items available were:

Made to Order:
Comforter Shower Gel (500g) ~ £11.95
Aura Suavis Shower Gel (500g) ~ £14.95
Karma Shower Jelly (100g) ~ £4.25B Electro Shower Gel (500g) ~ £19.50

Items 'discovered' were:
Avoshower Gel (500g) ~ £14.95 (made February 2010)
Avoshower Gel (250g) ~ £8.25 (made February 2010)
Butterball Shower Gel (500g) ~ £10.50 (made February 2010)
Snow Fairy Shower Gel (500g) ~ £5.95 (Special discounted price! +1 free Snow Fairy Solid Perfume with every bottle ordered) (Made December 2009)

Also on offer were all of the new products (which were not due instore for another few weeks) and the 100g bottles of the retro products.

I already had Butterball shower gel, Snow Fairy SG and solid perfume, and the Karma jelly, and am waiting on some B Electro to be sent on to me from where I had it sent to my friends house in Boston!(Lush NA don't deliver internationally!) I ordered Comforter, Aura Suavis and Avoshower. Each order also got three free mini bath ballistics and mine were: Blackberry, Big Blue and Think Pink.

My Order :)

I tried to phone from 10am and finally got through at 10:25am - seemed like the longest 25 minutes ever as I must have redialled the number about 100 times! The girl who took my order was absolutely adorable but in my nervousness I didn't actually catch her name!

All in all I loved the experience of the party... Or did I just love the fact that I now get to shower in Comforter?? Either way, roll on the next party!! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Comforter Lotion the next time! What's that you say?? 5 pots?? Don't mind if I do!! :P

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