Monday, May 3, 2010

Lush Discon List Spring 2010

The dreaded discon list was announced on the Lush forum by Hilary on Friday 23rd April...

So the following products will be disappearing from the stores and the website:

Happy Pill bath bomb
Supernova bath bomb
Q10 Toner Tab
Mirror Mirror neck cream
Razorantium shaving cream
Shave the Planet shaving cream
Tramp shower gel
Yummy Yummy Yummy shower gel
Crash Course In Skincare fresh face mask
Candy Fluff Dusting Powder
Karma Dusting Powder
I Should Coco soap
Hard Shampoo Bar
Soft Shampoo Bar

It's a Wrap is also going to be discontinued.

Out of all of these products It's A Wrap and the Crash Course In Skincare fresh face mask were actually the only things I had used so it didn't hit me too hard... Crash Course In Skincare fresh face mask is the one I use when my beloved BB Seaweed is out of stock but I'm not overly dedicated to it. I find the smell of yogurt can be a bit much.

The announcing of the discon list has (not surprisingly) spurred me on to get my hands on some of the products before they were discontinued. As a result my last trip to Lush saw me splashing out on some I Should Coco soap and a small bottle of Yummy Yummy Yummy. They didn't seem to have any Tramp in stock so I have ordered some of that from the website. We've been told that it is almost definitely going into the Retro range before long so that fans can still get their hands on it.

I have also ordered two of the It's A Wrap from the website as I love the one I have in my bathroom and it is getting very crowded so I have been putting off buying another for the last while... I think it's a great bargain at only £9.95stg off when you consider that it is a Fairtrade product and includes three of the tins which bought separately would retail at £8.40stg. Not sure what I will do with all the massage bar tins I am accumulating though so might ask one of the sales assistants if there is any chance I can swop them for body butter tins as I find them a much better shape! Nothing ventured, nothing gained! Worst they can say is no!

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