Sunday, May 23, 2010

Good Karma

Yup, it's a gift set from Lush! But that's not really what this post is about!! :)

I was in Lush yesterday (again!) because I decided in work on Friday that I would buy a pressie for a colleague who was in a minor road accident this week so she had something nice on her desk when she gets back to work. As she is vegetarian (bordering on Vegan) I decided something from Lush would be a safe bet! After some research I opted for the Good Karma gift set!

I'd been in Lush on Thursday evening as they were having a party but had forgotten to bring my shopping list. When I went in yesterday to grab the gift set I also wanted to pick up some items I had forgotten: H'Suan Wen Hua and Jungle conditioner. So with the three items in the basket I had a quick potter around... Only to discover that Ultrabalm had FINALLY arrived instore!! (This is a Lush equivalent of Vaseline but uses no petroleum jelly and is all natural and has only 3 ingredients!!) Popped that into my basket and headed to the till... to discover the party was still going and I was entitled to a goody bag!!

The lovely Fergus (♥ him!) was serving me! He was very excited that I had bought Ultrabalm (and possibly that I had admired his guts for working in a towel as it was a themed party) and went off to rummage to get me an extra nice goody bag which was *so* nice of him. He slyly asked me what scents I liked/disliked and after a bit came back with a teeny tiny goody bag... containing Vanillary perfume and Sultana soap!! The perfume alone is worth €34.95 and is my favourite scent!! I was ecstactic!

Hence the title of the post! I wouldn't have gone to Lush if I hadn't wanted to do something nice for someone else... And if I hadn't I would still be waiting on my Ultrabalm and not have gotten such an amazing goody bag!! That's good karma for sure!! :)

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