Monday, May 3, 2010

My New Obsession: Urban Decay eyeshadows

My newest obsession is Urban Decay eyeshadow. I love the vibrant colours and how easy it is to apply. Of course, as usual I have gone OTT and in a short length of time (6 weeks) have purchased all four of the currently available eyeshadow palettes but they are being used, as are the mini primer potions which are something I would never have considered purchasing in the past!

Sustainable Shadow Box:

This was my first ever Urban Decay purchase and I am in love with it! The set is really eyecatching and comes presented in eco-friendly packaging. The case itself is made from bamboo and the interior tray which holds the eyshadows is made from recycled paper.

This box contains 10 Shadows, an applicator and Mini Eyeshadow Primer. The shades included are:
  • Flash (bright iridescent purple),
  • Flipside (electric teal w/ blue sheen)
  • Grifter (sheer lavender w/ lots of silver microglitter)
  • Half Baked (subtle, lustrous bronze)
  • Kiddie Pool (ocean blue w/ iridescent glitter)
  • Midnight Cowboy Rides Again (golden beige w/ bronze, gold & silver glitter)
  • Oil Slick (black with silver glitter)
  • Twice Baked (brownie brown w/ gold glitter)
  • Uzi (metallic silver w/ big iridescent sparkles)
  • YDK (bronzed mocha w/ golden microglitter)

Deluxe Shadow Box:

This set contains a mini Eye Shadow Primer Potion as well as two applicators in addition to the 9 Deluxe Eye Shadows:
  • Fishnet (light purple)
  • Graffiti (green)
  • Honey (gold)
  • Peace (turquoise)
  • Ransom (dark purple)
  • Scratch (champagne)
  • Shag (bronze)
  • Underground (fawn)
  • Zero (black)

The casing is very 'bling' as it is wrapped in faux purple suede and features a window of irresistibly touchable shiny silver mesh on the front.

Eyeshadow Ammo Shadow Box:

This limited edition eyeshadow box was released to celebrate Urban Decay's tenth birthday. When you open the box you are presented with 10 of UDs best-selling shadows arranged as five sets of coordinating duos.

This eye shadow box contains the shades of:

  • Chopper (coppery fawn w/ silver microglitter)
  • Grifter (sheer lavender w/ lots of silver microglitter)
  • Last Call (plum punch)
  • Maui Wowie (antique gold with silver glitter)
  • Mildew (deep green)
  • Oil Slick (black with silver glitter)
  • Polyester Bride (white w/ silver glitter)
  • Shattered (bright green/blue shift)
  • Sin (champagne)
  • Smog (deep bronze)

The Urban Decay Ammo Shadow Box is covered in a touchable, matte black paper with overlapping textures of violet metallic foil and rich velvety flocking. It comes complete with a perfectly sized mirror, applicators and a magnetic closure to ensure that it will stay closed in your handbag.

This is the only eyeshadow box I have purchased from Urban Decay that did not come with eyeshadow primer potion.

Preen Shadow Box:
This set contains 6 eyeshadows (only one with glitter!) and also comes with a 24/7 eyeliner pencil in Zero (black) and a mini eyeshadow primer potion in a really cute bottle.

The colours in this set are

  • Flash (electric purple)
  • Mildew (deep green)
  • Painkiller (turquoise shimmer)
  • Smog (deep bronze)
  • Snatch (peachy-pink w/glitter)
  • Toasted (copper)

This palatte is one that you could use for day-to-day wear and also for going out. It's ideal for packing for holidays as it is quite versatile with the shades ranging from neutral to quite bright.

Matt eyeshadow:

The one problem that I have with the Urban Decay eyeshadows is that the majority of them have a large amount of glitter in them. I love a small amount of glitter at times, but not to the extent that it goes everywhere. I purchased the matt eyeshadow in Yeyo so that I can use this as a base and hopefully reduce the amount of glitter as a result!


  1. I like... Pay day tomorrow! I know what I'll be buying!! :)

  2. Boots are doing a 3 for 2 at the moment on makeup so if you are able to get out to the one in Liffey Valley where they do the Urban Decay range you might be able to nab yourself some bargains with all you are saving from not smoking!! I grabbed two more singles last Friday!! S&M and Mary Jane (I think! A shimmery blue one!)