Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Sorry I've been missing guys! Between finishing up in my old job (which required more than a few 12+ hour days) and starting in my new job (which has seen my weekly commute go from 18 miles to over 300) I've just been too exhausted to blog when I have had spare time! Things are going to be hectic for about another three weeks as the plan is to move nearer to the new job so I started househunting today! All hints and tips gratefully appreciated as it will be my first time to enter into a year long lease and I am doing it all on my lonesome!

When I am moving I will be having a good look at my stash of blogworthy stuff so perhaps I will do some posts on what I have and some reviews of products! I *may* also manage to find the lead for my camera so I can finally upload some pics.

Perhaps ye can let me know what ye would like to see? Nails (my latest obsession), hair products, Lush, makeup... All suggestions welcome!

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