Friday, July 16, 2010


Okay, bit of a random post but thanks to the wonder that is the iPhone and the blogpress app I am currently blogging from the chair in the hairdressers... Anything to avoid OK/Hello or similar mags!

I have a confession to make. I *hate* going to the hairdressers and getting my hair done! The thoughts of it makes me want to cry (especially on days like today when I've had no sleep and a tough day in work!) and I genuinely don't understand what people enjoy about it! I hate all the pulling at my hair and by the end I feel like all they are doing is causing a combined burning/stabbing sensation on my scalp! Add that to the water in my ears and dye all over my hairline (and elsewhere) and I am just not a happy camper!

(Sidenote: the hairdresser by fluke just managed to lodge the end of her comb in the back of my earring and almost pulled it out! Maybe I just have bad luck??)

Unfortunately due to genetics I had to start dying my hair at a young age. It's not pleasant to be very obviously going grey at 17! Prior to that I had never dyed my hair having had notions that I was going to be one of these people who aged gracefully and embraced my fading colour... I just hadn't expected to be faced with embracing it quite so soon! I have really thick hair that grows at an exponential rate as if to spite me so monthly I am faced with the arduous trip to the hairdressers for an average of three hours. Many's the hairdresser who has asked "what would you like me to do with it today?" has been greeted with the response "Just shave it all off" and yet it's still there! They all laugh the 'joke' off and I face the reality that Sinead O'Connor is the only Irishwoman who can pull that look off! Long hair suits me apparently (and I do love when the offending roots are hidden and it's straightened) so for now I persevere! Just for now though!!

So what about you? Do you enjoy it? Do you dread it? Is there something else that you are supposed to enjoy/dread that you go against the norm on when it comes to beauty?

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