Thursday, July 29, 2010

Lush haul 29/07/2010

I get the keys to my new place tomorrow and have until Saturday evening to move out of where I live now... So of course it's logical that I spent my evening at a party in my local Lush!!

Here is what I bought: American Cream conditioner, You Snap the Whip body butter, It Started With A Kiss lip tint (new), Aqua Marina and Angels on Bare Skin cleansers, BB Seaweed face mask and a small Volcano tub (which is great if you remember my previous rant!).

And as I spent (well) over €25 I got a free goody bag!!

Basically the contents of a Honey Farm gift set!

1 comment:

  1. the American Dream conditioner is amazing. I only use Lush products in my hair now, from their Henna, the tricomania shampoo and AD conditioner and Oh, My it makes a difference.

    However I didn't get a goody bag and I spend about 60 quid a month in there.

    **sad face**