Thursday, July 15, 2010

Review: Rimmel Fruities

(Excuse the dodgy cuticles! Hadn't planned to do my nails but it just sort of happened! )

I popped into Boots today as I got paid and fancied treating myself. I've been wanting a pale yellow nail varnish for ages so that was the plan... And that's what I got - but with a twist!! It's scented!! How cute is that?? It's the Rimmel Fruities lasting finish in shade 058 Lemon Drop. I also picked up the pink (025 Strawberry Fizz) while I was at it.

The coverage is pretty good but I did 3 thin coats over a base just to be sure. Not so sure about the smell of the yellow one but the pink is nice enough. Smelling my nails non stop probably looks a bit weird though!

Glad I bought these for the novelty factor and the colour and coverage are good so I'm happy! :)

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