Sunday, January 30, 2011

Apology and Bath Bomb review

Hi guys!

Due to a laptop malfunction I'm afraid I haven't been around! Apologies!!

Since I have been missing I have discovered a new love of baths!! It's as much of a shock to me as it is to you!!

My favourite bath bomb is of course from Lush and it is the Dragons Egg bath bomb! It's one of the new 'foamy' bath bombs that has a small amount of bubble bar included in it... I still tend to pair all my bath bombs with bubble bars however!

This bath bomb/ballistic turns the water almost into a liquid gold and the smell is a lovely subtle fragrance that leaves me nicely relaxed!!

The only down part is that there are rice paper 'petals' that are released as the bomb fizzes away and they kind of creep me out in the bath!! It's a personal thing though!

You can see the pink and orange rice petals being revealed as the outer layer dissolves...

Look at the beautiful orange colour that it turns the bath water

A close up of the ballistic as it fizzes away

This is the gold lustre that is in the centre. It creates a beautiful 'shimmer' in the water! :)

The outer shell of the 'egg' as it dissolves...

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  1. Ooooh, I love a good bath! Especially lately with all my newly acquired aches and pains so will be trying this out! :) Also, its about time I got my long awaited blog post!! :P xxx